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CoolStance copra is a unique horse feed because it has low Non Structural Carbohydrate (NSC), and yet has a high digestible energy content.
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PowerStance is a unique powdered coconut oil supplement. PowerStance delivers the secret ingredient from CoolStance as a powder.
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Success Story

Abbeys Recovery from Anhydrosis

Name Date Location
Terese 28-Apr-2014 United States
Horse Breed Primary Horse Activity Prior Horse Condition Stance Product Used
Hannoverian TB Cross
CoolStance Copra
Before After

My mare, Abbey, is a 21-year-old Hannoverian TB cross, Grand Prix dressage horse.  She was anhydrotic 2 years ago, and the beer and one AC helped then.    Last summer I bought ice packs for Abbey. They only last around 20-30 minutes, but we managed to get through summer very well. 

The change in my mare after only one feeding of Cool Stance (well she was on Power stance for 4 weeks) was sweat under the saddle and back legs and a dynamo of energy. The sweat started after only one small feeding of Cool Stance.  She had been on one AC for a month also, but it was not helping her. She was just "down". This is a 180 degree turn around miracle.  

Abbey is acting very young on this feed.  She is in better condition than I can ever remember. AMAZING product. I do think that for her, the power stance is needed to give her the fierceness that I love about her and the additional coconut oil good for her joints (and mine). It is more her character.  I feel like this is a new horse, or the one I raised, trained and rode to enthusiastic passages, piaffes, flying changes, effortless canter pirrouettes, and feisty Spanish Walk...all back thanks to Cool Stance/Power Stance. Her joints are clean, no swellings and her ride is very springy. She even snorts now and then.

This picture is before she got so sick and so down. I did not want a picture of her feeling this way, but this past one shows how the recent one has her so bulked up or beefed up. The pictures in this e-mail were maybe 6-8 years ago. What amazes me is how much better she looks NOW, at such an older age. Trust me, the way she looked one month ago was pitiful. I thought I would lose her this summer. The present Abbey is an Easter miracle.

I also have a Black Stallion Arab mare relative boarding here who was hypersensitive to gnats. This Cool Stance has calmed her system down so that they do not drive her crazy anymore. She would not come out of her stall, even to drink and started to not take care of herself and was losing weight. We had to buy her a fly net that helped her, but then there is a danger of overheating in that, so every day I would remove it as the day warmed up. She does not need it anymore. She ambles peacefully about her pasture 24/7 without the wringing of the tail or rubbing.

We have been on this feed only a short while, but the difference is awesome. I could not be happier.